Unique Corporate Gifts For Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and everybody, young and old wait for this festival with eager hearts. It is a festival of lights, sound and so many sweets and it is celebrated with a lot of vigor and grandiose. And usually around this time, in offices, everyone waits patiently for their Diwali bonuses. But maybe, this year, along with their Diwali bonuses, you could surprise your employees with a little something extra. After all, they are the spine bone of the company and keep the cogs and wheels well-oiled and running.

A little token of appreciation from their company will definitely boost their morale and motivate them to work harder.

Here are some ideas for unique corporate gifts on Diwali:

1.      Vouchers: You can get online vouchers for anything now. By gifting your employee a gift voucher, you are showing them that you care for their taste while giving them the freedom to choose anything they want. And, with their vouchers, they can even buy gifts for their families and loved ones.
2.      Gift Baskets: Treat your employees to lovely gift baskets. Nicely customized gift baskets with all the season sweets and treats and maybe a nice handwritten letter from the boss along with some flowers. Websites like OyeGifts can help you pick out the right gift basket, or custom make a basket for your likes, a perfect way to show gratitude to your employees and OyeGifts makes it easier for you by having your online gifts delivered to your office.
3.       Electronics: We do most of our work on the internet and we are constantly pattering on our phones, laptops, iPods and heaven knows what other gadgets. What’s a better gift than a power bank to easily power their gadgets or a portable flash drive (USB) to help them store files, folders, movies, songs easily. During these times, we are heavily dependent on technology so electronics will be a very welcoming gift.

4.      Accessories: You could get them something for their work desk - a coffee mug or photo frame for them to keep a piece of home at work. Or you could gift sharp looking ties for the men and pretty clutches for the women. Accessories are always welcome and are always handy in tricky situations.

These are just few of the ideas you could explore for corporate gifts for a festival but in all honesty, any gift that is given from the heart is received from the heart. Especially during Diwali, a wholesome festival which celebrates light over darkness, good over evil. So whatever gifts you decide to use, gift them with a happy heart and wide smile. Happy Diwali!

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